Voiceovers and Song Tracks

The following tracks are different commercial, movie or voiceover projects that I’ve worked on in the last few years. If you’d like to use my voice on any of your future projects, please e-mail me!


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New episode of #SorryNotSorry is out! We've got a new cover photo too. What do you think? Listen now! ... See MoreSee Less

  This week, #AL laughs OUT LOUD during JKJ’s Joke Korner, one of us made it through the movie Interstellar and Dentist Conventions are awesome. Plus we answer your #DearJenna questions and Jenna really really wishes she had some Bit-O-Honey right about now. Thanks for listening! Don’t forget to lea…

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New #SorryNotSorry with a foodie call that's all about Love...and Burger King. Listen now! ... See MoreSee Less

  Hello world! #SorryNotSorry is all kinds of fun this week. #AL brings back “Is It...” with listener Luke, we answer you #DearJenna questions, plus a #FoodieCall that’s all about love...and Burger King. Listen now and don’t forget to tweet at us @SNSwithJKJ. Photo Credit: RMR Pictures (rmrpi

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