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Top 10 Tweets from Our 3 Ninjas Live Tweet! #Hiyah

You guys, Ok, 3 Ninjas. Wow! What a terrible movie! Great for kids (at least kids in the 90’s) and I think #AL enjoyed going down memory lane but can we talk about how those kids didn’t even look remotely Asian at all? I mean, I know they were only like a quarter Asian but still… Alright, I digress. We loved live tweeting the movie with you all. Seriously. The tweets were hilarious. I can’t wait to do it again. This might be my new favorite Friday night activity. Here are the Top 10 Tweets from the night. The tag line for this movie should be "3 Ninjas, Zero chill". @SNSwithJKJ #HiYAH — Rafael Castañeda (@RMCGuitars) October 24, 2015 "First we feast, then we felony." My new life motto. #hiyah — Ann Mitchell (@charytidol) October 24, 2015 I wouldn't be buying this fight scene without those sound effects. #hiyah — imsurk (@imcirc) October 24, 2015 3 Ninjas mom is the antithesis of a helicopter parent. #hiyah — Cockus O'Flannigan (@BrownSideOut) October 24, 2015 Moral of the story – how you spend your summers can change your whole life #hiyah — Christa Curtis (@ChristaCurtis1) October 24, 2015 This is basically TMNT Home Alone and Bill and Teds Excellent adventure all in one movie. #writersarewinning #hiyah — Jared Oldham (@OldhamJared) October 24, 2015 @SNSwithJKJ I think that clip of Super Mario Brothers features more character depth than "bad guy" Snyder #hiyah — Robpublican (@robpublican) October 24, 2015 The g-pa gave the suit guy the stink eye…but then again, he gives everyone the stink eye…. @SNSwithJKJ #hiyah #eyeprobs — Sadie Simper (@SadCon)...

Time To Get The Last Laugh With 3 Ninjas!

You guys, Are you ready to live tweet with us again this month? Well, you voted and 3 Ninjas won by a landslide! Join us on Friday, October 23rd at 7 PM PST. 3 Ninjas on DVD 3 Ninjas Amazon on Instant Video Sign up for Prime, Get Free 2 Day shipping AND Prime Instant Video! I’m going to be making Ninjas Cookies with these cookie cutters my sister gave me years ago. Can’t wait! Love,...

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