Frequently Asked Questions

You’re a natural blond, right?

Yes. Obviously.

What’s with the whole “I’m a Mormon” thing?

I’m a Mormon. It’s true. I can prove it.  Click here.  I’m a real living breathing active Mormon. (And the rumors that I am studying the secret to make it rain Skittles are…100% true.)

You’re a girl, how is it possible that YOU are funny?

My secret? Fart jokes, mostly.

When is your birthday and what do you want?

June 8th. Something delicious.

Are you single?

Nope. I’m married and currently living in Los Angeles. But don’t worry, I’m one of those cool married people.

What’s the hardest thing about being left handed?

Being SO attractive. And using scissors.

What do you miss most about Utah?

The way Utahns pronounce mountains (moun-ins).

Where in New York City can I find the best selection of candy? Cupcakes? Donuts?

The Lower East Side. Now I don’t normally say nice things about the Lower East Side because of my affinity for insulting hipsters BUT it has some sweet sweet stuff. For Candy: Economy Candy For Cupcakes: Sugar, Sweet, Sunshine For Donuts: The Donut Plant

Pet peeves?

I’m lactose intolerant and telling people I’m lactose intolerant is like telling them my parents abandoned me when I was a child. Don’t feel bad for me. I’m not the one with milk breath.

There are rumors that you’re Korean, can you confirm or deny this?

I’m as Korean as Obama is a Muslim. Born in Seoul but an American Citizen, I have the birth certificate to prove it but I won’t let you see it.

What’s up with you and Nick Carter?

I’m pretty sure he was in love with me even though he has a serious girlfriend and he never replied to any of my tweets.  It’s fine though.  My husband has nothing to worry about.

What are Jenna Cakes?

Yummy cakes (or cookies or brownies) that Jenna bakes (Term coined by Comedian and Executive Producer of The Daily Show, Rory Albanese).

Did you work for The Daily Show?

I worked at The Daily Show for nearly four years doing all kinds of things. I loved my time there and miss it very much.

Make Out, Marry, Murder?

Tweet me your suggestions and I’ll tweet you my answer.

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