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Babies Eating Lemons

When life gives you lemons, make a baby eat one. It’s hilarious. Love, JKJ

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JKJ’s Plates

I spent about 15 minutes too long thinking about what my line of plates would look like. You know, like when I’m super famous and I sell my own line of kitchen things at Macy’s. Ok, Walmart. No, K-Mart. The … Continue reading

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Why couldn’t I star in this commercial?  I performed at amusement parks! I love lip syncing! I wear lots of vests! I am made for this! I haven’t been this upset since High School Musical filmed in Utah AFTER I … Continue reading

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Bentley’s Followers Are Insane

Ladies and Gentlemen, I need to make something clear. I am in no way or ever will be on Team Bentley. Though I did enjoy seeing Ashley get dumped a second time by him and am jealous of his free … Continue reading

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Super Duper Creepy

Warning. This is really weird. Taboo airs on National Geographic on Wednesday nights. People are SO strange! Love, JKJ

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The Rat Man

These are live rats. I saw them with my own eyes. But let’s get real, minus the paint, he’s just like every other homeless guy in New York. Remember this guy? TERRIFYING. I hate rats. Update: I just remembered the … Continue reading

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