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It’s The New Year!

It’s 2014 and life is good! But now that we’re in a new year, it’s about time I update this website. It’s been too long! Right now I have quite a few new projects in the works that I’m really … Continue reading

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Comedy Life

Hey friends! LA life has been treating me well! I’ve been consistently performing, auditioning and writing. This freelance thing is working out. Phew! I also started a new tumblr site where I’ll be posting more personal life updates while this … Continue reading

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Guten Tag!

Or as the queen would say it, Helllllllooooooooooo! Friends, I am back. Where did I go? I fell off the radar for a little while to do three things: Quit my job, move to Los Angeles and get married. Some … Continue reading

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Mocktail Madness

So, Allan and I are serving “mocktails” at our engagement party because we don’t drink (I know, we’re adorable) and last night my roommate, Alisa, who used to be a bartender at the Tony Roma’s in Logan, Utah (you read … Continue reading

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Last weekend, Allan and I attended our first Monster Truck Rally in Chicago. Our first and perhaps our last. Why did we go? Why not! Allan always wanted to as a kid and now that we’re adults and allowed to … Continue reading

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The Greatest Gift

So my sister Mary is working on a book and has been going through old papers, pictures, etc. She recently tweeted her latest finding: @maryungrangsee Sorting papers today & found my 1991 BD present from @jennakimjones #bigspender #shewas5 What more … Continue reading

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Alinea, what now?

This weekend, my Dad visited Chicago and treated me and Allan to dinner at a very chic restaurant: Alinea. Allan and I knew it was fancy because we had to dress up AND if we canceled our reservation, we were … Continue reading

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