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Babies Eating Lemons

When life gives you lemons, make a baby eat one. It’s hilarious. Love, JKJ

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Pop Music Pick Me Up: Korean Edition

Some of you know that I was born in South Korea and lived there for a few years before I moved to Utah. Since then I have always had a soft spot in my heart for Korean pop culture, particularly … Continue reading

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Dora for Adults

Dora the Explorer has always driven me crazy. I feel like she all she does is teach kids to shout in two languages. And that stupid map song! #killme Anyway, College Humor produced this video with the youngest daughter from … Continue reading

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I’m writing again!

Hey friends, I recently got a new gig writing a humor column for The Deseret News. My first article was published last Friday. It’s about the Olympics (old news, I know) but there’s a video of me running which is … Continue reading

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I’m a Mormon!

Hey there, So as you guys know I’m a Mormon and a year ago, before I moved to LA, before I met my husband and got married, a camera crew came to New York and shot this video. My life … Continue reading

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Guten Tag!

Or as the queen would say it, Helllllllooooooooooo! Friends, I am back. Where did I go? I fell off the radar for a little while to do three things: Quit my job, move to Los Angeles and get married. Some … Continue reading

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