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Fast Food Fanatics

America gets a lot of attitude about our terrible fast food menus. But you know what? It turns out that the rest of the world is just as bad. Pizza hut is by far the worst. MOVE OVER CHEESY STUFFED … Continue reading

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The Old You

Ok first, watch this trailer. Let’s talk. Bruce Willis is Joseph Gordon Levitt’s old self? He has such a good head of hair! I never would have guessed. Now. The real question. If you were in this movie, who would … Continue reading

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One Direction, One Disappointment?

Ok, I LOVE boy bands. We all know that. And right now, One Direction is taking over world with their sweet sweet sounds. BUT… I’d like to issue a complaint. One of the best things about boy bands are not … Continue reading

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Mocktail Madness

So, Allan and I are serving “mocktails” at our engagement party because we don’t drink (I know, we’re adorable) and last night my roommate, Alisa, who used to be a bartender at the Tony Roma’s in Logan, Utah (you read … Continue reading

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Just because…

Remember how funny you thought these were? Well, they’re still hilarious. Enjoy. Love, JKJ

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