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This Guy

This guy is in everything all the time.  Just thought I’d give a shout out to the guy you know but don’t really know because you couldn’t remember his name to save your life.  He’s been in sitcoms (The New … Continue reading

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Alinea, what now?

This weekend, my Dad visited Chicago and treated me and Allan to dinner at a very chic restaurant: Alinea. Allan and I knew it was fancy because we had to dress up AND if we canceled our reservation, we were … Continue reading

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Make out, Marry, Murder: 2.14.12 (Yes, I know I’m posting almost a week late.)

Sorry I am posting this so late.  Forgive me!  Some of you may notice that I didn’t post your #MMM suggestions.  I vetoed a few of them including the one that included my fiance’s brother and dad. Come on guys, … Continue reading

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My love song to you.

Happy Valentine’s Day. Love, JKJ

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Cheer up! (I’m engaged!)

Stop crying. I know Whitney Houston died and Adele is going to sing again and you still haven’t lost those five (ten) pounds you gained over Christmas but seriously stop. I have news! I FOUND A MORMON BOY WHO LIKES … Continue reading

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