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JKJ’s New Year’s Resolutions!

I have NEVER EVER EVER failed a New Year’s Resolution. EVER. And this year I’ve picked some doozies. 1. Learn how to spell recieve, I mean, receive. 2. Don’t gain 50 lbs. 3. Invent formal yoga pants for all black … Continue reading

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Mid Week Pop Music Pick Me Up – Justin Bieber 2.0

I know it’s Tuesday but I’m only working four days this week so this is my mid week. Australia has created their very own Justin Bieber. His name is Cody Simpson and he’s on his way to America. How do … Continue reading

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Dear BYU-Idaho,

I’m basically indifferent to your recent ban on skinny jeans.  But… …in your honor, I decided to wear skinny jeans today. Daaaaang, they are tight!  I lost circulation in my calves about an hour ago.  Also, while you’re here, can … Continue reading

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Make out, Marry, Murder – 12.8.11

Not ONE Christmas themed #MMM. I’m disappointed. @douchebaggette Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile Makeout: Blackberry Marry: Android Murder: Windows Mobile I have an Android for the next 18 months so I’m basically married to one.  I don’t even know what Windows … Continue reading

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Some of you might remember way back in July when I shot a commercial for Xango. Well I totally forgot about them until today so I went to youtube and low and behold they were up. Two words: Aw. Kward. … Continue reading

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Ode to Diet Coke.

Will Diet Coke just hire me already? I’m making it SO easy for them. Love, JKJ

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Buy this for me? Please?

Cancel the order on those Pajama Jeans you bought for me! I found what I REALLY want for Christmas! Lisa Frank now sells apparel for adults. Be still my beating heart! I feel like I’m 10 all over again! The … Continue reading

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