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Are you a hip Mormon?

The New York Times wrote an article about “Mormon fashion” that has landed in my inbox, twitter and facebook feed for the last two days so I figured I’d take a second and tell all of you, yes, I’ve seen … Continue reading

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JKJ’s Halloween Costumes 2011

I hate dressing up. But if I were going to dress up for Halloween, here are this year’s options: Sexy Hillary Clinton – I know, adding the sexy is a bit redundant. Just wait until you see me in my … Continue reading

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The Costco: It’s so hot right now.

(Photos from my little brother’s facebook album “Costco Trip 2007″) BYU’s newspaper, The Daily Universe, tried to convince their readers last week that Costco is a fun and cheap date. (You can read the article here.) And while I don’t … Continue reading

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Why couldn’t I star in this commercial?  I performed at amusement parks! I love lip syncing! I wear lots of vests! I am made for this! I haven’t been this upset since High School Musical filmed in Utah AFTER I … Continue reading

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Make out, Marry, Murder – 10.18.11

@msieczkowski Luke Duke, Bo Duke, Boss Hogg Make Out: Luke Duke Marry: Bo Duke Murder:Boss Hogg Dukes of Hazard? Yeah, never seen it. Sorry. @hanniabej Gael Garcia Bernal, Antonio Banderas, Javier Bardem Make Out:Antonio Banderas Marry: Javier Bardem Murder:Gael Garcia … Continue reading

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I can’t wait to see this. Love, JKJ

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I spent 36 hours in Chicago this weekend* and I sort of loved it. Hate to say it but Chicago felt like a nicer version of New York. Now calm down. Did I say better? Maybe. No, no, no, I’m … Continue reading

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