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MMM Update

This might be my favorite MMM yet. From @ChrisSerico @jennakimjones Sleep on this #MMM: Cake, pie, ice cream. Makeout: Ice Cream Marry: Cake Murder: Pie I can’t marry ice cream because I’m lactose intolerant. Every once in a while we … Continue reading

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Are videos the future of JKJ’s blog?

Alright, I have a question and you are the only people I can trust to answer it honestly. I’ve had a few people recently express their disappoint in my lack of “youtubage.” (Videos on youtube, for those who don’t understand.) … Continue reading

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A Line To Z Dot Com

A few days ago, I tweeted about a brand new fashion blog I’ll be contributing to from now on. My first two posts are already up so if you haven’t checked them out, please do! You can read the … Continue reading

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Make Out, Marry, Murder – Presidential Edition

Alright. This round is tough. I had to do some googling because I couldn’t remember what a few of these dudes looked like. Most of you went old school. Nobody even mentioned Bill Clinton!  The most popular suggestion: Teddy Roosevelt. … Continue reading

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Saw this on Huffington Post.

Thought I’d pass it along. Ever seen toddlers do taekwondo? It’s totally adorable. Love, JKJ

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10 Reasons Why I Love Valentine’s Day…

…minus the Valentine (or so I’ve convinced myself). 10 – Reeses Peanut Butter Hearts The chocolate to peanut butter ratio is perfection. And they’re ALL MINE. 9 – Lifetime Movie Marathons If there’s ever a time for man hating movie, … Continue reading

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It’s ok to be single on Valentine’s Day. That’s what ALL my married friends keep telling me. LOVE, JKJ

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