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The Lying Down Game Contest Winners!

Earlier this month I introduced you guys to The Lying Down Game and offered Jenna Cakes to the person who could come up with the best caption for this picture: “The fembots do come fully-assembled, but until you enter the activation … Continue reading

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Hey guess what? I’m in Utah!

If you didn’t know that already, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN??? Some of you have been asking me when and where I’m performing stand up this weekend. Well here is all the information: Wiseguys at Trolley Square (It’s in the building … Continue reading

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Merrrrrry Christmas!

Today I received a flipcam from my brother which really means I should be vlogging (video blogging) but that would mean I’d have to put makeup on which, I’m sorry folks, probably isn’t going to happen. If you live in … Continue reading

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The Lying Down Game

Have you guys heard of The Lying Down Game? No? Check it out here. Then come back and read the rest of this. I love it. I think we should play. I’ll start. Send me your lying down pics OR … Continue reading

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JKJ’s Fake Rumors 12/14/10

A weekly post where I take celebrity gossip/facts (same diff) and make them more fun. THE MORE YOU KNOW: Justin Bieber is officially the most “googled” celebrity right now which means he is, and you CAN quote me on this, … Continue reading

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Boot Sandals

It took me a year to get this website up and running. So first let me give credit where credit is due. The picture of my face that you keep glancing at above (go ahead, take another look) was taken … Continue reading

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This is my website.

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