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Sometimes Halloween…

…is about so much more than ghouls and ghosts and girls dressed like scanky firewomen. Like this video, made by my friend, Collin Mapp. I enjoyed it and so will you. Love,Jenna

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Sometimes Wild Turkeys…

…attack! They’re fierce. Why is this so funny? Love,Jenna

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Jenna Kim’s Fake Rumors 10/26/09

The Miracle of the Hudson: The World Series starts tomorrow…maybe. It’s pouring rain today in New York City and according to it’s going to keep raining. Maybe Kate Hudson could stop the rain? I mean, she’s turned A-Rod into … Continue reading

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Mid Week Pop Music Pick Me Up 10/14/09

Introducing JUSTIN BIEBER Aaron Carter wishes he was Justin Bieber. Booyah. This kid’s 15, he’s got a cute little voice (which will hopefully not change too much after puberty) and girls love him. His single “One Time” is catchier than … Continue reading

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Jenna Kim’s Fake Rumors 10/12/09

It’s been a while. You missed the rumors. I know. I’m getting old. How is it possible that I don’t know who Justin Bieber is? Maybe you’re saying to yourself, “Justin who?” Well apparently he’s the newest hottest 15 year … Continue reading

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Sometimes I get a little distracted…

…okay, fine, I’ll take a break from watching the Backstreet Boys new music video and blog for you lovelies. So Barack didn’t win the Olympic bid for Chicago. Have you had Chicago Style pizza? It’s worth it, world, I promise. … Continue reading

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