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Karaoke, Coke and So Much Candy. (Happy Anniversary + Wedding Pics!)

Hey you guys, Last week #AL and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary and after posting a couple of pictures of instagram, it was clear the people needed to see more. I was pretty proud of our wedding. I pulled it off at minimal cost but got EVERYTHING I wanted out of it. (In fact, our engagement party in NYC cost more than our wedding…but that was also an EPIC party. I’ll post pics from that another time.) I didn’t want to pick a color so instead I picked my favorite candy! Skittles! The result was a bright, colorful, happy feeling all around. To capture the fact that we dated long distance between New York City and Chicago, we served Black and White Cookies and Chicago Dogs. The Black and White cookies were NOT easy to find. Most bakeries in Provo (where we got married) didn’t know what they were…until I stumbled across Cupcake Chic. Although they didn’t have B&W cookies on their menu, they made them especially for our wedding and then ended up selling them in their stores. They are SO good and we ordered so many #AL and I were eating them for at least a month afterward. The Chicago Dog also took some work. We bought the bright green relish and sport peppers in Chicago and they traveled in #AL’s moving truck. Because many of our friends and family had never had a Chicago Dog, we felt it was important to teach them exactly how to build one. The soda machine was surprisingly difficult to find. Thanks to #AL’s uncle, we found a distributor who...

Support Sara.

As you heard on today’s episode of #SorryNotSorry, one of our dear podcast listeners/friend passed away earlier this month. We actually did a giveaway from her online store Stashed By Sara back in February, if you remember. Sara passed away from pancreatic cancer on July 4th leaving behind her five children and husband. Her family has set up a GoFundMe account to help out in this difficult time. If you feel like donating, please do! We were so sad to hear of her passing. Thank you for all your love and support! Click here to visit the Sara Vieau Roylance Memorial Fund.   Sincerely, Jenna and...

Our Friend Mary Katharine Ham Came Over!

Hey guys! In this week’s episode of #SorryNotSorry, we have a very special guest, Mary Katharine Ham! MK is currently on a book tour for her new and fantastic book, End Of Discussion, which she co-wrote with Guy Benson. Last night we had dinner with the two of them (and MK’s brother and sister-in-law) at Osteria Mozza in LA. The food was delicious and the company was even better. For those of you who are curious, MK and I met through Alison Rosen’s podcast and have been friends ever since! So….what did we talk to MK about on the podcast? Well obviously, you’ll have to listen BUT since she is, what I would call, a news junkie, we had to see how she’d do playing #AL’s game, “Is it…?” We also talk which celebrities we’d have brunch with, the food we’d eat if we had to for the rest of our lives AND of course french fries. Because, well, this is a very important topic, obviously. Really hard hitting stuff for our most political friend. And because we’re millennials, here’s our obligatory #selfie. As for their book, you really should check it out. It’s available EVERYWHERE but also on Amazon. If you buy it here, it helps support the show! Love,...

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